How To Choose Best Paring Knife? Ultimate Paring Knife Guide 2022

Thanks for taking interest in our guide which will help you to understand paring knives before you actually invest money and buy some knives. We have specifically targeted ‘ gets because it is one of the most commonly used knives in every kitchen across the globe after the chef’s knife.

No matter where you stay or what you love to cook, this knife is a must in every kitchen. The Paring knife is one of the most important accessories that every chef should have with them;

you must consider it when you plan to buy a knife set for your kitchen. This knife makes life easier when it comes to paring and peeling off the fruits. Paring the fruits is one of its main functions while it can be used for many other purposes.

What is a paring knife?

Before we start reviewing types, functions, prices, ratings, and many other things of the best Paring knife we would like to make you understand the meaning behind its name. It is a pretty simple thing that the word PARING means

  1. Trim (something) by cutting away its outer edges.
  2. Cut off the outer skin of (something).

So the knife which will help us in the kitchen to pare or peel off something will be called a paring knife. It is small in size than a chef’s knife. It does have a plain edge blade which is best for paring or peeling fruits and some vegetables.

It is also useful for many intricate works that we do in the kitchen such as mincing a small amount of parsley, skinning vegetables & fruits, de-veining shrimp as well as removing seeds from Jalapeño pepper, coring an apple, making roses from tomato peels, etc. list is exhausting.

The most important thing about this knife is it is an all-purpose knife but smaller than a chef’s knife. Paring knives are available in medium size between 6 to 10 cm long. (2 – 1/2 to 4 inches). It is smaller than a chef’s knife and larger than a utility knife.

Whether it is a chef’s knife, utility knife, Steak knife, or paring knife, there are some basic and fixed things that each of these knives should be able to fulfill once we buy those knives to use in our daily life. We have pointed out some features that every kitchen knife must fulfill and it is as follows –

  • Grip Of Knife
  • Well Shaped Blade with sharply Pointed Tips
  • Warrantee of knife
  • Tang of knife

The grip of paring Knife

We use knives almost every day for different purposes so it becomes important to pay attention to GRIP.  This should be the first thing that we must see in each and every type of kitchen knife.

Since professional chefs use their knives regularly & it is important to have the best grip over knives while using them. So an ideal knife should provide a good handle which will eventually end up giving a good grip over the knife. A comfortable grip makes cutting easier.

Handles of knives should not be heavy and there must be a good balance between the blade of the knife and the handle. The weighty handle makes it difficult to cut the fruits & vegetables as we start using them they tend to pull the blade away from vegetables. So we prefer a well-balanced knife with a slip-resistant handle.

Well Shaped Blade with sharply Pointed Tips

Blade and tip of knives are other important factors we should look at before we buy any knife. It doesn’t make any sense to have a knife that can’t cut through anything; It will not be a very productive knife.

To increase productivity we should prefer a sharp blade and when you have a sharp blade you always have a clean cut. Many knives offer sharp edges but being able to use them over a long period without any undue strain is also important and this can be only judged by reading respective customers’ reviews on Amazon.

The sharpness of the blade will provide us the best control while cutting vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, peppers, and many other soft as well as hard things like potatoes. While choosing a paring knife it has become essential that it must have a well-pointed tip and a sharp edge.

The sharp edge is helpful to cut down fibrous vegetables like Ginger and to cut citrus fruits like orange in small sections without disturbing its sections. With a sharp blade, we can able to remove juice-filled sections of any fruits without crushing them.

Well talking about the tip of a paring knife; they are made in two formats –

  1. Bird’s Beak Knife
  2. Sheep’s Foot Knife

Both of these are named so because of their resemblance with animal appendages.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of each of these types of knives.

Bird’s Beak Paring Knife– Is one of the favorite knives of almost every chef because of their narrow & deeply curved blades which are really helpful to perform the fine tasks of cutting like carving vegetable fruits and creating intricate cuts from decorative garnishes. This is specially designed for the hand-held carving of fruits.

The blade of this knife looks like a bird’s beak and because of the curved nature of the blade, it makes it easy to peel off apples, potatoes and fits well in hand. Some such knife is also available with non-stick coating.

Sheep’s Foot paring knife – This knife looks like a sheep’s foot and has a rounded tip with a straight blade. This is useful for chopping vegetables, julienning small fruits on a cutting board. As compared to bird’s beak knife this is more useful for cutting board work while bird’s beak knife is used for in hand cutting.

Warranties & Guarantees

When we decide to buy any knife we must also pay attention to whether the maker is providing any warrantee or Guarantee. Many knives come with a lifetime guarantee and it is better to prefer such a knife with a lifetime guarantee.

 Tang of Knife

This is an important measure one should never overlook while buying a chef’s knife so before you buy any knife make sure you are buying a ‘Full Tang Knife’. Tang means an extension of the metal plate (from which a knife is made) in the handle.

There are three types of tang available in the knife i.e. Full tang, partial tang, and rat-tail tang out of which Full tang knives are highly recommended because even if the handle gets damaged full tang knife can provide grip.

Almost all kind of paring knife is good and a ‘must-have accessory in the kitchen but to make it easier we are picked up a few that we just need to point out as our favorite knives to use.

Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife

This is one of our favorite knives. Based on its rating, size, and quality of blade along with the best reputation of maker Wusthof, the Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-inch knife is a must to have in the kitchen knife set.

Its overall length is 12.4 inches with a blade length of 9.6 inches this is one of the exceptionally sharp knives with a really well-pointed tip. It is useful for mincing vegetables, slicing fruits, filleting small fish, etc. It weighs about 2.6 ounces and is made up of one piece of high-carbon steel. It does have triple rivets.

One more thing we need to look after is Wusthof is providing a lifetime guaranty and is dishwasher safe forged knife. The handle is made up of durable polymer contoured into the best shape to fit in hand comfortably.  Though the price of $ 39.5 is a little more than another similar knife on market;  you definitely get a quality knife for your money.

Wusthof is known for its quality of design and outstanding sharpness since 1814 and today this family business is in its seventh generation. Wusthof is the official partner of the German national team of chefs, as well as other international culinary teams.

Wusthof Classic 3-1/2-Inch knife received more than 100 reviews on Amazon out of which more than 90 reviewers give 5 stars rating to this knife. So if you are looking for a great all-in-one paring knife then don’t take just our word but for it, take note of all existing users that have publicly voted it up.

Kyocera Revolution Paring and Santoku Knife Set

If you guys ask me to buy a paring knife from Amazon which will help me in my kitchen as well as will provide value for money this is what I will buy again. Basically, I like Wusthof classic 3-1/2 inch knife but ‘Kyocera Revolution Paring and Santoku Knife Set’ is a lifesaver as it provides two different white-colored knives in a set. So when anyone buying this set gets double fun.

This knife set provides 5-1/2-in Santoku and a 3-inch paring knife, both of them are ceramic knives & a ceramic blade never rusts. Blades are really strong and durables. With the experience of 5 decades in making a fine knife, Kyocera completed the basic need of each kitchen with this best knife set. This can be the best gift for any woman who cooks.

When we compare its price which is with other paring knives, we can easily come to know that this product provides the best value for money. If you are looking to buy two knives then you should go for this product. If you are looking for a single multipurpose paring knife then the Wusthof knife will great buy.

Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife with Spear Tip –

Wusthof knife and Kyocera knife set are a little expensive while ‘Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-inch Knife’ comes for far less price than those two. The knife comes with 11.8 inches long and sharp blade with a slip-resistant fibrox handle. The blade is thin and sturdy but flexible.

This is the choice for those who are looking for the best knife that fits into the criteria of “less expensive, best value for money, lifetime warranty, and dishwasher safe”. Its spear tip makes it easy to hull the strawberries and other similar tasks.

The knife is an indispensable accessory for cutting fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. Whether you go for a hundred dollars knife, or you go for a cheaper one, the most important thing is to know how to use it.

Although we presented you the details above you need to consider while buying a knife for your kitchen, ultimately it comes down to individual preferences as well as your cutting technique must be considered. Most important thing is that you should find a knife that fits your need.

And before taking the final decision analyze models of knives as much as possible, see the pros and cons of every knife, pay attention to the price, go for one which is a best seller in the market and also fits you. If you feel we are missing some really helpful and potential knives here please let us know in a comment below.

What is a paring knife used for?

Paring knives are extremely versatile and, as a result, are a staple of the professional kitchen. Many chefs use them to peel and cut fruit and vegetables into little pieces, as well as do other precision tasks. When purchasing a paring knife, there are various factors to consider.

Why is a paring knife called a paring knife?

What the paring knife performs gives it its name. To pare means to remove the outer layer. Peels and outer layers of vegetables and fruit are easily removed with paring knives. A paring knife’s charm lies in its versatility.

Which best describes a paring knife?

This tool is traditionally a little knife with a sharp, straight blade that is three to five inches long and rounded on the cutting side. It’s simple to use and ideal for peeling and coring foods, as well as mincing and chopping small items.

Are paring knives serrated?

Straight-edged paring knives tend to squash softer items like tomatoes, whereas serrated blades allow you to slice with accuracy. Here are four of the greatest to help you learn to par like a pro.

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