Top 13 Best Bushcraft Knife Reviews & Buying Guide

Bushcraft is about living off the lands and making do with what nature provides you. From making a fire to foraging for edible roots and plants, bushcraft is the ultimate survival exercise. For avid survivalists, bushcraft is more than a sport or a hobby. It is a way of life.

The best bushcraft knife lies at the heart of the matter. As you are not going to be carrying any supplies with you, you will need a good bushcraft knife to help you with carving, drilling, shaving, etc. You should ensure you have the best bushcraft knife in the market before venturing out to live in the wilds.

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Choosing the right bushcraft knife

The bushcraft knives should be capable of performing many tasks around the campsite. It is a knife that will be put to hard use for a long time. As such, the knife should be sturdy and durable enough to perform these tasks.

The blade should keep an edge for a long time and be extremely resistant to corrosion and moisture. Finally, the knife should be well balanced and light enough to carry around.

Most bushcraft knives are equipped with a spear point tip to make them easier to use while drilling. When you are choosing a knife for bushcraft, consider how you will be using it.

Consider if the knife can handle the demands of carving and drilling wood, cutting through undergrowth, and other such physical activities that will form a part of your trip. It is recommended to keep your bushcraft knife separate from the fillet knife that you will be using to clean meat.

1. Brisa EnZo Trapper 95 Bushcraft knife Reviews

The Brisa Enzo Trapper is a very popular bushcraft knife that’s geared towards the adventurous individual who is looking for the best bushcraft knife that he can use for both cutting and chopping in order to survive the harsh outdoor environment.

On top of being made with very durable materials that ensure the blade won’t get dull anytime soon, the Brisa Enzo Trapper is also a knife that is medium-sized and therefore easy to store when needed.

Brisa EnZo Trapper Main Features:

1. Curly birch.
2. Made in Finland.
3. D2.
4. Trapper.
5. Great for detailed work.

Brisa EnZo Trapper Blade and length

The Brisa Enzo Trapper is an eight and a quarter inch long knife that comes with three-point three-quarters of an inch long blade and while initially, you may think that it’s a bit smaller than other knives in its category, you actually have plenty of steel to work with.

In fact, there are many situations where you’ll find that the shorter blade is going to prove much more useful than a longer one allowing you to easily use it for handling most tasks.

Given the length of the blade, you won’t be able to use the Brisa Enzo Trapper for chopping and get extraordinary results, but it will still help you get the job done. Since the blade is made of D2 tool steel and has a slight drop point, it can withstand a lot of abuse and won’t go dull on you when you need it the most.

Brisa EnZo Trapper Durability

As previously mentioned, the blade is made out of semi-stainless D2 steel which, compared to the majority of other types of steel, is much tougher than you may initially expect it to be. In fact, you’ll be very happy to hear that it’s very much resistant to staining,

while maintenance-wise, it doesn’t take too much work from your side. Better yet, you can sharpen the Brisa Enzo Trapper and it can also easily take an edge. Another durable knife is Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife.

What you’ll love to use the Brisa EnZo Trapper for

If you’re a bushcraft enthusiast, then the Brisa Enzo Trapper is definitely a knife you should get as soon as possible, especially because it’s available for a pretty good price. The Enzo though excels when used for detail work, but when you need to, you can also use it for tougher jobs and still get pretty impressive results.

As for the drop point of the Brisa Enzo Trapper, it is very precise and it fully takes advantage of the very fine design. While some people will scoff at the fact that this knife is made of D2 semi-stainless steel, don’t underestimate it: if you properly maintain it, then it can last you for a lifetime and even longer. 

2. Tom Brown Tracker Bushcraft Knife reviews

Most people, especially before they get it to think that the Tom Brown Tracker is a clumsy and heavy knife that would end up gathering dust somewhere in their basement, but the biggest surprise about it is that it’s totally opposite of what you may think and it can easily become your favorite bushcraft knife once you give it a try and use it.

Given its size and the quality materials it’s made of, you’ll be able to use the Tom Brown Tracker for dozens of jobs, including cutting, batoning, and everything in between.

Tom Brown Tracker Main Features:

1. Durable 1095 high-quality carbon alloy construction.
2. Micarta handle.
3. Three-point five-inch chopping blade.
4. Two-point five-inch carving blade.
5. Overall length of eleven point five inches.
6. Comes with a Kydex sheath.
7. Perfect for hammering, carving, splitting, and chopping, but also breaking metal, sawing, and scraping.

Tom Brown Tracker knife Design

Upon having the chance to look at the Tom Brown Tracker and using it you’re going to realize just how much thought was put into its design. Some people may like it, some will not, but one thing is for certain: the blade is very sharp and also slim, widening at one point and creating the unusual and yet popular shape the Tom Brown Tracker is so popular for.

Tom Brown Tracker knife Blade

The blade of the Tom Brown Tracker is a plain edge type of blade that has a length of three-point five inches and is made with 1095 high carbon steel. What does that mean? It means that this is an extremely durable knife that is a tad harder to sharpen than other knives, but it keeps an excellent edge and is overall very strong.

The blade is very sharp and you can use the Tom Tracker to cut thick rope quite easily straight out of the box, but you can also slice through rubber and chop through the meat. Chopping wood is a bit slower due to the unconventional design, but it can still help you get the job done.

Tom Brown Tracker knife Blade tip

One of the biggest advantages of this knife lies in its tip which can be used with great results for prying. As a result, if you ever need to open boxes, bottles, or anything similar, you’ll be able to easily do so without having to worry that the blade is going to splinter.

Tom Brown Tracker knife Handle

The first thing you’re going to notice when holding the Tom Tracker in your hands is that it’s very comfortable, but it is also quite heavy and therefore balances the knife’s weight. Since the material used for making the handle is black linen, you can use the knife and still get a good grip.

Serrated edge and sheath

Lastly, the serrated edge on the Tom Tracker is excellent, but keep in mind that if you want to use the wire cutter for thicker wires, it may not work as best as you’d expect.

Since this is a steel blade, it’s also recommended that you maintain it with oil to prevent rusting. As for the sheath, it’s a Kydex type (so it looks pretty amazing), but just make sure not to expect it to keep the blade is because it’s designed only to protect it. 

3. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife is a fine example of what a rugged bushcraft knife with a small form factor can do out in the wild when you need a sharp blade and the best survival knife.

Because it’s a fixed blade knife, it offers you a much smoother experience when using it, while the ergonomic rubber handle prevents it from slipping regardless of how sweaty your hands may be or how hard it may rain outside.

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife Main Features:

1. Fixed blade design with a one-eight of an inch or three-point two-millimeter thick carbon steel blade covered in the corrosion-resistant coating.
2. Black plastic sheath with belt clip.
3. High friction rubber-grip ergonomic handle.
4. 109 mm or 4.3-inch blade.
5. 5.7 ounces or 161 grams.
6. 1-year manufacturer warranty.
7. Made in Sweden.

Morakniv Bushcraft knife Blade

The Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife has a 109 mm blade that is three point two millimeters or 1/8” thick and the good news is that the thickness is maintained until the last quarter-inch of the blade where it’s brought to a point by the bevel.

You can actually pick up this knife in both tungsten-coated carbon steel and stainless steel variants. The tungsten-coated version seems to be superior though, especially for those who plan on putting their knife through a lot of abuse and want it to easily withstand it.

Morakniv Bushcraft knife Scandinavian grind

If you take a closer look at the blade, you’ll realize that it has a Scandinavian grind, meaning that the main bevel begins very close to the edge (at around three-eights of an inch).

If you compare it to the hollow ground styles, you’ll see that the blade’s beveled section is quite short, while the back edge of the knife features a slight clip point that begins at around one and a half inches from the tip. The blade tapers to a spike point which is perfect for opening cans of beans or driving it through the plywood.

Morakniv Bushcraft knife Build quality

The handle of the Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife has an excellent grip and that’s because of the textured rubber used to make it. Even if the handle or your hands would be covered in fish slime, you could still use the knife without having to worry about it slipping out of your hands.

The knife’s ergonomic shape will generally cater to people who have a medium-sized hand and if you prefer better thumb control, then you’ll find the jimping at the top to satisfy your need for it. For comparison, you can check Tom Brown Tracker reviews too.

Morakniv Bushcraft knife Sheath

What good is there for a great bushcraft knife that you cannot carry with you safely? well, the good news is that Morakniv also provides you with a free sheath that’s included in the purchase and it features both a belt clip and a full loop.

The sheath features a drain hole at the bottom and it’s also made of semi-hard and tough plastic. Better yet, the sheath also pivots in a full three hundred-degree arc from the clip or the loop.

4. SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife review

If I had to choose a knife that I would always carry with me no matter where I need to go, then that knife would certainly need to be The SOG Seal Pup.

This is a very sharp knife that has one of the sharpest blades you’ll ever find in this category and what’s even more surprising is that it holds better than ninety percent of the rest of the knives you can currently buy.

To get the best knife it is ideal to read tons of bushcraft knife reviews first before buying one.

SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife Main Features:

1. Very tactical and corrosion-resistant.
2. Glass reinforced nylon black handle.
3. Features a partially serrated edge.
4. 4.75-inch AUS8 steel blade with powder-coated finish.
5. Limited lifetime warranty.
6. Black nylon sheath with a belt loop attachment.

SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife Design

The design of the SOG Seal Pup is very similar to the design of the Navy SEALS knives, which is a hint as to how long this knife will last you. In fact, I already went ahead and tested it and after cutting everything from rubber, wood, PVC, and other things I got my hands on,

I was very surprised to see that the knife retained its edge and 1durability like a champ. Many of my friends who have had this knife for years have actually said that even after years of abuse, the knife has no noticeable edge chipping or fracturing which is truly impressive, to say the least.

SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife The blade

The blade of the SOG Seal Pup is made of hollow-ground AUS8 stainless steel, being one point 125 inches wide at its broadest point and point nineteen inches thick. You can also get this knife in a partially serrated variant if you want and given the fact that it’s powder-coated, it can be used in any weather conditions without rusting.

If you get the combo version, you should know that it has three inches of plain edge and one point five inches of serrations. The blade also features a full tang molded inside the handle, but the thing is that it doesn’t protrude from the pommel. When it comes to the blade check out Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 for comparison.

SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife Sharpness

The SOG Seal Pup is very sharp so you can easily use it to slice a wide range of materials, including hanging newsprint. While this sounds and is fantastic, you may want to sharpen the blade even more, especially because the AUS8 stainless steel blade of the Seal Pup is fairly easy to sharpen.

Fit and finish

The SOG Seal Pup has a relatively basic design consisting of 2 parts that don’t move, so there’s not much that the company could have gotten wrong when designing this bad boy.

The knife is executed to perfection and it’s also made of high-quality textured polymer and coated steel for extra-long durability. The handle is nicely molded, the powder coating is smooth and uniform, while the grinds are even and straight.

SOG Seal Pup Bushcraft Knife Sheath

Lastly, the sheath of the SOG Seal Pup is above average for its price, featuring a Kydex insert for holding the blade and being made of reinforced nylon. On top of that, it also has a Velcro flap accessory pocket that’s large enough to fit a magnesium firestarter and a small stone inside it. 

5. Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Bushcraft Knife review

Spyderco is one of the most popular bushcraft manufacturers on the market and with their latest model, the Bushcraft G10 they have managed to set the bar higher for its competitors, releasing the best bushcraft knife that is sturdy, sharp, and durable enough to last you for a lifetime.

Spyderco Bushcraft Main Features:

1. Designed by Chris Claycomb, expert tactical bushcraft and Spyderco.
2. 4” fully tanged blade with Scandinavian grind and no handguard.
3. Limited manufacturer’s warranty.
4. Measures eight-point seventy-five inches in length.
5. Includes sheath.
6. 4-inch O-1 steel blade with a three-point nine-inch cutting edge.

Fit and finish

Right out of the box, the Bushcraft G10 is a very beautiful knife to look at the extra care considered when manufacturing it can be further appreciated when you look at the handle where you can’t find any unevenness or visible machining marks. The blade is very sharp, so there’s no immediate need to sharpen it.

Spyderco Bushcraft Knife blade

The beauty in the design of the Bushcraft G10′s blade is that Spyderco chose to make it from O-1 steel which is high carbon steel that is very durable, but the thing is that you need to maintain it carefully since it’s prone to rust.

The cutting edge of the Bushcraft G10 is a great three-point nine inches which most bushcraft experts consider perfect for a wide range of applications. As long as it’s not a fine edge, you’ll be very happy with how well the Bushcraft G10 can maintain its sharpness over time.


The G10 feels very comfortable in your hand and is by far one of the best knives you’ll ever use in this regard. Even during heavy use, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any hotspots and while it doesn’t have a hilt which may worry some people who want to use it for heavy cutting, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

Since the G10 was designed with the help of Chris Claycomb, you can have the peace of mind that it’s going to feel really comfortable in your hand no matter how long you plan on using it.

Spyderco Bushcraft Knife sheath

The sheath of the Bushcraft G10 is honestly not impressive, but at the end of the day, it serves its purpose very well.

Unlike other sheaths, this one doesn’t feature a drainage hole, which some people may not like. But other than that, it’s made of very high-quality materials and it should last you for at least 5 years.

Spyderco Bushcraft Weight and size

Weight-wise, the G10 weighs a bit much at seven point eight ounces and even though this is not a small knife, if you want to use it for its intended purpose, then it’s going to be just fine.

Remember, this knife was made to be used by outdoors enthusiasts so you can abuse it as much as you want without the need to re-sharpen it after every adventure you want to consider out in the wild.

6. Weyland Fixed Blade Bushcraft Knife

WEYLAND: Mid-Tech. We offer the best knives for Hunters, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Survivalists. For more than 15 years we’ve created professional tools designed to meet the needs of our customers. With a carefully built lineup of features such as Serrated Edges, Pointed Tips, and Razor Sharp Blades in solid 3Cr13 Stainless Steel, this is one tool you won’t have to worry about breaking.

This is our All-In-One Jacket Kit. We have included everything you need to go into the wild ready to face whatever nature throws your way! This includes our Hunting Knife, which is a hybrid blade between a bowie and a skinning knife.

It has all the hunting features you’re looking for: Tanto point and field processing gut hook. Our Knives are made with full tang construction, meaning they are solid up to the holes in the handle where it attaches to the blade on both ends.

The black aluminum handles are wrapped in a hard leather sheath that is double stitched for extra strength. Included are nylon pouches to attach multiple survival tools from personal first aid kits or binoculars to Sunglasses or even a Whistle! As an added bonus we have included two Compass

7. Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Bushcraft Knife

For the die hard outdoorsman, the Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Bushcraft Knife is a perfect gift idea to get their hands on. A great EDC knife for all occasions, this full tang 8.6″ long knife features a 4.0″ blade made of 1095 high carbon steel with a razor-sharp edge.

Its military-style design gives you control, as this knife is designed for efficiency in use, due to the smart handle and its double edge functionality. The black G10 camping knife handle with its orange lining is 1.4″ wide, making it great at handling both light and heavy tasks without any problems; it also ensures you are in full control of the cutting tool at all times.

As well as traditional tools, this 1095 high carbon steel military knife comes with an Allen Wrench to assist in attaching the various accessories of your K-Sheath – whether you need fire starter or scissors, the one included can do them all

With a tough black Zytel handle and coated with a shiny TPE rubber grip to give you comfort and outstanding durability, it can survive being used regularly during outdoor adventures; whether you have saltwater exposure or just spend time around wet trees and vegetation,

8. Schrade Frontier Knife

The Schrade Frontier has a sharp blade that is made more durable with a 1095 Powder Coated High Carbon Steel, black ring textured thermoplastic elastomer handle. It’s perfect for EDC or camping.

The Ferro rod, sharpening stone, and the lanyard hole are also built into the knife so you can have the confidence of having a knife in case of an emergency.

This bushcraft knife is great for everyday use in the kitchen, backyard, or camp. It comes with a Ferro rod and sharpening stone so you can maintain an edge on your blade at all times.

Overall, it’s a well-balanced tool that’s compact and easy to carry. The Frontier also includes a lanyard hole so you can keep it handy when you need to reach for it.

9. Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Survival Knife

Our Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Survival Knife has it all, especially with a high price tag. However, it really delivers when making an investment in Top Quality materials, details, and features.

This combination bushcraft and survival knife features a 1095 high carbon steel straight back blade with a fine edge and is made with a partial coyote tan finish. Ideal for carving, skinning, and other common outdoor tasks, the built-in thumb ridge makes it comfortable to control.

With added details like a linen Micarta handle designed to safely give you even more capability in a slim, convenient package, this knife lasts while not being too heavy or awkward to carry around.

Extra Details and Features include everything from the finger guard to the lanyard hole, making sure your investment is safe and secure while on the go.

Designed for the discerning bushcrafter, the Bushcraft Brothers Survival Knife will allow you to perform all of the most common tasks in the woods. From carving and carving to skinning game birds and larger animals and making shelter, this knife was built for hard use.

The full tang construction provides a stiffer blade with more control, while the hand-rubbed olive-green liners ensure not only greater protection but also greater longevity.

The Micarta/Carbon Fiber handles are both durable as well as comfortable while maintaining an excellent grip regardless of what ways you want to hold it. As if that wasn’t enough, this knife is complete with both fire starters and a whistle. Includes 3 1/8″ overall fire starter and a black composition survival whistle. Bulk packed

10. BPS Knives Bushcraft Knife

The BPS Bushcraft Survival Knife is a full tang knife, featuring a true Scandinavian grind and razor-sharp out of the box. Drop point blade with a false edge for use as skinning or fishing knife. Heat treated high 1066 carbon steel blade with a hardness of 58-59 HRC.

Hardened to 61 HRC for superior edge retention, topped with hand-rubbed shine finish that is durable, non-glare and rust free. Tough 7/8 cowhide black nylon handle with stainless steel rivets and silver pewter spacers. Black beauty ring at the end of the handle.

Sash cord tie tassel hanging at the end of the handle is included. A well balanced, elegant and lightweight survival bushcraft knife ideal for batoning wood, cutting on logs, branches and small trees, fishing and hikes on land as well as camping expeditions in the wilds.”

The Authentic Bushcraft Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife is the perfect companion for beginner and professional bushcraft. For self-defense, it is a great compliment to a survival knife like the Katana Bushcraft Knife. The Bushman Knives come with a limited lifetime warranty.

11. CIMA-1 Full-Tang Hunting Bushcraft Knife

This is an extraordinary CIMA-1 full tang hunting bushcraft knife that features a 7CR17MOV folded sianox carbon steel blade with a hardness of 50-55 HRC. It’s the ONLY full-tang hunting knife made from a local carbon steel and will hold its edge longer due to the unique hardening process.

The handle is made from Micarta and is textured for enhanced grip and will not absorb moisture like your average wood handle. The blade on this knife is 8.46 inches long, while it’s thickness is 0.177 inch.

The clip has been designed to be used at the end of the sheath, in order for you to keep your hunting knife clean and dry if you plan on carrying it during your hunts.

This high quality full-tang bushcraft knife is made with Carbon infused 7CR17MOV stainless steel. The CIMA-1 looks great and cuts like a dream. It’s just the right size to carry all day, while still packing a good punch.

This knife is perfect for anyone up at the dock or in the woods. Guys will love the styling, ladies will love the size and feel. Everyone will be impressed by what this knife is capable of, even when it comes to performance and cutting power.

12. Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife

Bushlore’s generous, authentic bushcraft knife is the perfect camping companion. this bushcraft knife is hand sanded and sharpened by family members who have passed down the art of bushcraft and hunting for hundreds of years.

When you’re at camp in the backwoods, you need a reliable knife to take care of your food – and get one that will feel natural in your hands. Condor has designed this bushcraft knife with an ergonomic wood handle and G10 scales for comfort and strength as you use it for processing game, building a campfire and carving your next masterpiece.

The Bushlore Camp Knife is also equipped with a leather sheath, which offers multiple carry options. 2 3/8″ blade length, 5″ overall length (from end to end) Sturdy metal scabbard installs securely over your handle Secure hook and loop closure holds the scabbard firmly to your belt or backpack

The bushcraft knives and other gear sold by Bushlore are designed to be used in primitive wilderness and primitive camping expeditions. And since they are primarily intended as blunt weapons intended to stop animals, protect campsites, or provide butchering materials. Accordingly, they do not

13. Schrade Full Tang High Carbon Knife

The Schrade Full Tang High Carbon Knife with a Micarta Handle is the ideal all-purpose knife designed for heavy-duty tasks. This reliable full tang knife is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel with a grey, micarta handle.

A great EDC knife, this model offers fast and easy access with the convenient ballistic sheath making it ideal for an everyday carry knife. The Schrade Full Tang High Carbon Knife is built to stand up to heavy use and features a full tang construction that provides a durable design.

The sharp carbon steel blade features a natural dark grey finish, comfortable rattan Micarta handle, and lanyard hole for attaching one to your gear for easy access. The desired result is achieved: With the Schrade Full Tang High Carbon Knife you are prepared for whatever arises in any situation.-30x4mm

When you’re prepared, you’re ready. Our Full Tang High Carbon Knife is the edge of reliability in an affordable package that’s designed to help get the job done, day in and day out.

It’s built with a full tang CPM-154 high carbon steel blade that features an attractive grey micarta handle and a secure ballistic sheath with a molded kydex sheath back.

The ergonomically contoured handle provides both natural feel and control while the spacer provides flexibility in gripping and hanging the knife. And since this is a balisong inspired design, it is ambidextrous and perfect for left or right handed users.

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